The Fugitives is the 4th episode of Lily the Sheep.


Gobble is getting to be a big brother.


The boat of Ra sails straight to Sheepsville. An unnamed man arrived at Sheepsville. Kate says to Lily that the brother she dreamed of is here. They named the unnamed man Gobble. Gobble enters the house. He ate the whole bowl. Boomer heard the sound of Gobble. Tach triped on the stairs. Today is Waffle Day. The Waffles where baked by Kate. The tee hee Rex will have his revenge. Lily said "Yawn! Oh I need to go to sleep." and when she sleeps, she said "Snore! Snore!". Boomer records songs this way. "OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Tach is saying Zappp!!! for the normal side, Pew Pew for the right side and Bzzzz for the left side. He went to Pew Pew to see the people get zapped at. Music makers are important to Captain Sheep. Gobble named Lily Kid. Kate sneezed and she says she's got a cold. Maroon 5's Animals plays when Gobble got a bedroom. They put a poster of a Lion riding another Lion. When Lily got an balloon, she let it go and it bumped into the roof, flew out the door, went up the stairs and into the attic. But the roof window is not closed. But Tach can't catch the balloon because it's in the sky. Lily told Gobble that her balloon is going to the moon and she'll never see it again. The police has come to arrest Tach. But the police officers had been under arrest. Lily (with wings) caught her balloon and then Tach rapped it around her arm. During the end credits, the moon is taking a long time for the balloons to arrive.


  • All balloons get sent to the moon.


  • Everyday is Waffle Day.


  • Zappp!!!, Pew Pew and Bzzzz are not signs.


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